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Heaven is Cup Cake Shaped


I love cupcakes….. ok, not exactly the most startling thing you’ll read today I’m sure, but it is, nevertheless, a fact!

What I love most is how far they’ve come from the run of the mill ones you got when they first became “fashionable” and let’s face it, it’s a fashion I’m quite happy still to follow! For those of you who got really into them in the early days you were probably like me and drooling over them while watching Sex in the City…… amongst the shoes and cocktails obviously!

Now you can get all sorts of flavours from Sticky Toffee to Peanut Butter, Tiramisu to Champagne. However, when Jemma from Iced Jems posted an Apple Crumble Cupcake, I knew instantly that this was my kind of cupcake. You are going to love making & eating these, especially because when they are baked in her Baking Cups. These little marvels allow you to pour your cupcake mix straight into the cases as they’re grease-proof and then into the oven on a flat tray without having to worry about them collapsing or going soggy. Pretty ingenious, right?

Now, I know Apple Crumble conjures up Autumn days but I think when it’s in cupcake form it’s perfect for picnics or a tea party. When I make them they are fabulous warm or cold and eaten straight out of the cup with a spoon.


For ingredients and method Click Here  This is Iced Jems’ recipe and I wouldn’t dream of meddling with it!!

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