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If you go down to The Wee Croft Shop today….


You really will be in for a big surprise!! I count myself very lucky to have met some really lovely people since launching my blog. People I probably wouldn’t have “virtually” met as I would have just been another person who liked their Facebook page or followed them on Twitter. One of the first people I got to know was Elizabeth Brown from The Wee Croft Shop in Inverness. She also runs Capability Brown’s delivering bread and goodies to local businesses and is a member of the Real Bread Campaign.

As I was going to be in the area last weekend, I contacted Elizabeth and she kindly offered me a tour around the croft when I visited. She warned me that it did get a little busy when they opened at 1pm but I was delighted to get the chance to look around. She wasn’t kidding about it being busy! Elizabeth and her husband Jim open the shop on Sundays from 1-5pm and she admitted that cars started to turn up half an hour beforehand! Her reputation for fantastic bread, garden produce, home bakes, savoury dishes and freshly laid eggs has earned her a very loyal following, one of which is now me! Elizabeth and Jim offered me a warm welcome when I arrived and Jim even kindly offered me a cup of tea, now where else would you get such a lovely customer service?

The views from the croft are quite stunning. I commented to Jim that they must never tire of such a view, and he agreed, saying he saw something new every day. It’s hard to believe you’re a few minutes outside of Inverness. There was a fantastic selection of goodies on sale that day which included honey, salad leaves, eggs, mascarpone & pesto Stromboli, strawberry & rose scones, sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce, feta & tomato quiche and chocolate & raspberry cake….. Am I making your mouth water yet?!! I bought some Stromboli, quiche & sticky toffee!



After making my purchases Elizabeth took me down to the fields which contain potatoes, courgettes, salad, chard, herbs, spinach and radishes to name but a few. The variety was impressive and I’ve no idea how she keeps track of everything they grow! The croft is also home to bees so when we passed a small bee box I asked Elizabeth if that’s where her bees were kept, she said no, that was for stray bees looking for a home. That quote perfectly summed up Elizabeth for me. Further round the back of the croft was where the chickens were kept. I could hear them before I saw them, that lovely contented clucking that chickens make. In with the chickens were all the berry bushes, a great place to have them according to Elizabeth! My Wee Food Adventurer was fast asleep in the back of the car so I said my goodbyes so that I could travel home with Mr Food Adventurer in relative peace and quiet! If you’re in and around Inverness on a Sunday, be sure to stop past. You won’t be disappointed.


Melanie, Food Adventurer

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