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One Pot Pasta



If you’re anything like me, you love cooking from scratch when you can, but with the best will in the world, there’s just some nights when you can’t be bothered to “get your cooking on”. You want something substantial but not the time it’ll probably take. Well, I think I have the answer….. One Pot Pasta.

I read about it on Facebook a few weeks ago & put it in a “must make this” pile. It wasn’t till the last few days that it started to pop up around my lovely foodie friends Joost , Nicola and Jo who all starting posting pictures on their blogs of their fantastic looking results. I decided that I couldn’t miss out any longer and decided to make it last night for tea. I had everything I needed to make it and without too much effort I had a really filing, tasty dish. You’re going to love making it too as it’s ready to eat within 20 minutes of you getting in the door.

I based my dish on Nicola’s, using Philadelphia Light with Garlic & Herbs.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2)

150g Dry Spaghetti

1 Courgette (sliced thinly and quartered)

5 Chestnut Mushrooms (sliced)

2tsp Dried Oregano

2tsp Dried Thyme

Small bunch of Fresh Basil

10 Green Beans (Fresh or Frozen)

1/2 Mug of Frozen Peas

Salt and Pepper to season

300ml Cold Water

50g of Philadelphia Light (Your choice of flavour but Garlic & Herbs or Black Pepper would both be great choices)

2tbsp Parmesan (finely grated, plus extra for adding at the end)

Splash of milk


  1. Place everything in a large sized pan, except the parmesan, milk and Philadelphia. Bring to the boil then turn the heat down to a simmer for around 8-10 minutes. You will have to keep an eye on it, gently stirring it occassionally so that the spaghetti cooks thoroughly. There should be very little water left by the time the spaghetti is cooked, so remove from the heat. Stir in your Philadelphia, Parmesan and a splash of milk then stir to combine. Divide into two bowls, grate over some more Parmesan and serve straight away.

How easy was that??? You’ll be sitting down and eating it before you know it! You could add asparagus, onions or mange touts at the beginning, or stir in cooked chicken, sausage or ham at the end.



Enjoy making your own combinations and please share your pictures with me, I always love to see what you’ve all been up to!



Melanie, Food Adventurer

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