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Let’s Hop Up to North Hop


I decided to enter the North Hop love beer competition a couple of weeks ago and had just the picture in mind! I’d taken this at the beginning of the year, one of those pictures that you just have to take there & then otherwise the moment would be lost forever.


Well, I was shocked to discover that I’d won!! So, I decided to take my father in law along with me to the North Hop festival in Inverness to collect my prize and sample a few Scottish craft beers while we were there! There was a great atmosphere when we turned up mid afternoon last Saturday and after collecting my prize from BrewDog we headed off to see what we could find!

image31 image21

We were certainly spoilt for choice as there were over 50 beers & ciders on offer from 10 Scottish breweries. Our first stop was to claim our free taster of Festival Brew which had been created by Windswept Brewing Co especially for this year’s event. This was a great start to our afternoon! We had a wee wander round and then deiced to head upstairs to see what else was on offer before we committed ourselves!


With food never far from my mind, I was looking forward to visiting Stew ‘N’ Drew’s who I knew were going to at the event with some new flavours. I had a lovely chat about their ice cream & was lucky to try their cider sorbet (delicious) and their Wolf beer, made from another Windswept beer! I settled on a full scoop of brownie and could have happily gone back for seconds.

image24 image23

Back downstairs, and we headed for Six Degrees North. The brewery is in my old stomping ground of Stonehaven and opened their first bar last year in Aberdeen. After some great advice on what a beer novice like me should start with, I went with their Wanderlust Wheat beer….. Great choice!


I decided to head to Thistly Cross Cider next as I do love a cider, especially on a summer’s day! I noticed they had an Elderflower version and decided to give it a go…… Absolutely gorgeous was the verdict. Not something you would immediately think of working but it was a great fusion of flavour.


We had a great afternoon, lots of live music, food to soak up the alcohol and a range of drinks that any Scot, or any other nationality for that matter, would have been proud of!


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