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Meat Free Monday Pie


Hello 2015!! It’s hard to believe that January is upon us again so soon. Like most of you, I’m starting the New Year on a healthier note, but still looking for comfort food that I can look forward to at the end of the day. The following recipe ticks the healthier and comforting boxes… and it’s also meat free! So if you’re veggie, looking for a break from meat or just looking for something a bit different then this is the pie for you! Wonderfully creamy from the crème fraiche and satisfyingly filling from the Quorn…. See you in the kitchen in 5!


1tbsp Olive Oil

1 Leek

125g Mushrooms (sliced)

350g Quorn Pieces

1 small glass of White Wine

125g Crème Fraiche

1tsp Dijon Mustard

Salt and Pepper

1tbsp Chopped Parsley

1tbsp Chopped Chives

250g Puff Pastry (this is usually sold in a 500g block, so just cut it in half & freeze the other half for a later date

1 Egg (beaten)


  1. Preheat your oven to 200°c / 180°Fan / 400°F. Heat 1tbsp of Olive Oil in a saucepan and add the Leeks, frying for 5 minutes until soft. Now add 125g Mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes before adding your 350g Quorn and frying for another 2 minutes.


2. Add in your Wine and allow to reduce down until you’re left with a very small amount of liquid. Take your pan off the heat and add 125g Crème Fraiche (3 large tablespoons should be about right) and 1tsp Dijon Mustard then season well with Salt and Pepper. Place back on the heat to allow the sauce to thicken and reduce slightly. Mix in your Parsley and Chives and pour the mixture into your pie dish.


3. Take your 250g Puff Pastry and form it into a ball and roll out until it’s roughly an inch thick. Gently lift your dough over the pie filling, press gently round the edges, trim and then make 3 slashes in the pastry. Brush with your beaten Egg and place in the oven for 20 minutes, until golden brown.


4. Serve with greens of your choice and some boiled baby potatoes.


Melanie, Food Adventurer


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