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Oh my…. I think I’ve just found my most favourite thing to bake! Perfectly sized, moist and full of flavour, these little cakes will make their way onto your “favourites” list almost as soon as you’ve made your first batch! I first came across them at the beginning of the year when my lovely foodie friend and fellow blogger Jo Blogs Jo Bakes posted a recipe for some Blueberry Friands. I fell in love instantly with them and over the next couple of months I’ve spotted them being made by other friends, all using Jo’s recipe as a base. Why tinker with something that is clearly perfect just as it is? So, here it is, my Raspberry Friands…. enjoy.

 INGREDIENTS (makes 12)

250ml Egg Whites

250g Icing Sugar (I used Sugar and Crumbs Raspberry Ripple Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar, but any flavour to compliment the fruit or just plain is fine)

125g Ground Almonds

100g Plain Flour

1/2tsp Lemon Extract (or zest from 1/2 lemon) (I used Taylor and Colledge Lemon Extract Paste which is excellent)

160g Unsalted Butter (melted, plus extra for greasing your tin)

200g Raspberries (fresh or frozen – if you’re using frozen there’s no need to defrost them)


  1. Grease your friand tin with a little softened unsalted butter and preheat your oven to 200C / 180 fan / 400F / Gas 6
  2. Place 250g Icing Sugar, 100g Plain Flour, 125g Ground Almonds and 1/2tsp Lemon Extract into a large bowl and mix well to ensure combined.
  3. In a separate bowl whisk your Egg Whites until frothy (there’s no need to use an electric whisk for this, using a balloon whisk is enough as all you’re looking for is for the whites to be lovely and frothy)
  4. Using a large metal spoon, fold your frothy egg whites into the dry ingredients until fully combined. Now add 160g melted Unsalted Butter and fold again until just combined before finally adding 3/4 of your Raspberries.
  5. Using your metal spoon again, scoop equal portions of mixture into each hole of your tin adding your remaining Raspberries on top before placing into the oven for 25-30 minutes until they have risen to a golden colour and a skewer comes out clean from the centre of the friend.
  6. Allow to cool in the tin for 15 minutes before carefully removing them to cool on a rack.




Hints and tips

– You can buy cartons of pasteurised egg whites which comes in very handy when making these friands! If you cannot find a carton then you’ll need to get cracking with 6-8 large egg whites (hold onto the yolks as you could make custard or mayonnaise with them).

– If you don’t have a friand tin then you could use a muffin tin instead. I bought mine from here

– Be very careful removing the friands from your tin. Take your time easing them out using a palette knife, gently sliding the knife down the side of each friend and lifting out

– Can be stored in an airtight container for 2-3 days


Melanie, Food Adventurer


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