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Snowglobe Cookies




Can you believe there’s less than 3 weeks till Christmas? With that in mind I bring you Snowglobe Cookies!! I first spotted these on Sweet Explorations via Pinterest a few weeks back and had such an urge to make them! They were so much fun to create and decorate, and of course, you can personalise what goes inside the globe. Have fun and happy baking!

Snowglobe Cookies (makes 18)


170g softened Unsalted Butter
225g Caster Sugar
1 large Egg
1tsp Vanilla Paste
300g Plain Flour

For the “glass”
150g Corn Syrup (From Amazon)
220g Caster Sugar

For the decorations
Edible Glue
Edible Red Glitter
White Sugarpaste
Small Black Sprinkles
Small White Sprinkles
Carrot Sprinkles


1. Place 170g softened Unsalted Butter and 225g Caster Sugar into your mixer and cream on high speed for 5 minutes until pale and fluffy.

2. Now add your large Egg and teaspoon of Vanilla Paste and mix on medium speed until fully combined.

3. Finally sieve in 300g Plain Flour on the lowest speed until the dough just starts to come together then stop.

4. Place the dough between two large pieces of cling film and roll out to the thickness of a £1 coin. Slide the dough (still in the cling film) onto a baking tray and pop into the fridge for at least an hour.

5. When ready to cut out your shapes, remove your dough from the fridge & lift off the top layer of cling film & cut out your shapes and place onto another tray lined with greaseproof paper or a silicone baking mat. Using a small circle cutter (mine measured 5cms) cut out a circle in the middle of the globe (this will be where you’ll be filling your sugar glass later). Place back into the fridge for an hour.

6. 10 minutes before you take your tray back out the fridge, preheat your oven to 180C / 160 Fan / 350F and bake for 10-12 minutes until the cookies start to turn golden around the edges. Once done, leave on the tray for 10 minutes to cool before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. Place some kitchen roll under the rack to help with decorating later!

7. While letting your cookies cool you can get on with the decorations. Lightly dust your worktop with some Cornflour and roll out some White Sugarpaste. Using a mini snowman cutter, cut out your snowmen and set to the side. Use a small paintbrush to dab on where you want to create the snowman’s eyes, nose & buttons and then pop the Small Black Sprinkles and Carrot Sprinkles on and allow to dry.

8. Once your cookies have cooled completely it’s time to add the red sparkly base and make the sugar glass. Paint a thin layer of Edible Glue onto the bottom section of the cookie and gently sprinkle over the Edible Red Glitter and allow to dry for a couple of minutes.

9. The process of making the sugar glass is very simple but as you’ll be dealing with very hot sugar PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! Place 150g Corn Syrup and 220g Caster Sugar into a microwaveable jug and give it a good stir before placing into the microwave for 2 & 1/2 minutes. Leave for 1 minute before taking the jug out and carefully giving it a stir to ensure the sugar has been completely incorporated. Then pop back in for another 30 seconds and use immediately.

10. Pour the hot sugar into each of the holes you made in the cookies and then add your Sugarpaste snowmen and finally scatter on your Small White Sprinkles to create a snow scene!



1. If you can’t get hold of the carrot sprinkles you could use Orange Sugarpaste and roll and cut into triangles.

2. If the dough has spread during baking then use your small circle cutter to create the hole shape again.

3. If you don’t want to make the snowmen with Sugarpaste then you could use Royal Icing to pipe onto the sugar glass once it has cooled completely.

4. Have everything you need to decorate your cookies to hand as the sugar glass cools quickly.

5. Try not to pour too much of the sugar glass into the hole. You want whoever is going to eat them to have all their teeth intact! Too thick and it’s impossible to eat!







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