Melanie's Food Adventures

A little bit about me…..


My name is Melanie and I live with my husband Mr Food Adventurer and our son Wee Food Adventurer in Abereenshire, Scotland.

I really got into cooking a couple of years ago after watching Masterchef 2013. Now, I’ve watched it for many years and did the usual thing after the series finished and got all excited about recipes and starting doing bits and bobs. More often than not it usually petered out after a few weeks and life went back to normal. This time however, something clicked. I was completely inspired by the winner Natalie Coleman and really started to get quite passionate about all forms of cooking : baking, cooking sweet & savoury dishes and getting a lot of joy reading cook books and collecting recipes. I’ve taken a few cookery classes at Nick Nairn’s Cook School in Aberdeen and slowly it’s taking over my life!!

The ironic thing in all this is that we have a three and a half year old son and I’m now a full time mum. At a point in my life when I have the least amount of spare time it has turned out to be when I have spent the most amount of time in the kitchen…… Imagine all the things I could have cooked when I had all those weekends and holidays to myself?? 🙂


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